Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice
“Land of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, of Viking heritage and the most modern design imaginable, of magical folklore and friendly people – Iceland sits at the top of Europe with an abundance of history, metropolitan atmosphere, sublime dining and plenty of charming experiences for you to enjoy.” When I read that description I was so excited about my trip because Iceland has been on my bucket list for a long time. Thankfully, the country that lies just inside the Arctic Circle not only lived up to those expectations, but exceeded them by far. Iceland is a country of extreme contrasts. A place where fire and ice co-exist. This stunning island with one of the lowest population densities of any country worldwide (about 320.000 people) is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe, and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. Iceland is also the land of light and darkness. Long summer days with nearly 24-hours of sunshine are offset by short winter days with only a few hours of daylight.  Shaped by the forces of nature, the barren landscapes demonstrate the creative powers of the four basic elements—earth, air, fire, and water—in a dramatic way. […]
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Croatia: a gem in the Mediterranean
Croatia is a magnificent country. Its shores are perhaps not as well known as those of Spain, France, Italy or Greece, but in the last few years it is increasingly popular and a growing number of tourists are choosing this enchanted location as the ideal vacation getaway. The beautiful islands off the coast, the clear cooling water, the historic cities and the great nightlife make Croatia a stunning place to visit. Recently I was lucky enough to spend some time exploring this amazing place. It’s a country I can see myself coming back to frequently. Here are some of the highlights of my time in this Mediterranean’s gem…   Plitvice  Lakes National Park   Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Every year tourists enjoy walking the paths of this park to see the stunning waterfalls, the mixture of Alpine and Mediterranean vegetation and the breathtaking turquoise, green or blue waters. The beauty of the Plitvice Lakes National Park lies in its lakes, inter-connected by a series of waterfalls, and set in deep woodland populated by deer, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species.   The national park is world famous for its lakes arranged in cascades. Currently, 16 lakes can be […]
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